Low Glow Technology

Xodus Innovations introduces its patented “Low Glow Technology” that provides accent lighting to mark the location of steps, posts, light switches, doorways, objects, or even your keys in the dark.  Our lights will glow in the dark for up to a year on one set of batteries, reducing the frequency of battery changes.

No other products on the market can offer this level of battery life performance.

Use our Glowing Keychain Fob to easily locate your keys in a dark purse, backpack, or if dropped in a dark parking lot. 


Mark the location of steps or hallways in your home with Mini Guide Lights to help find your way at night. 


Add accent lighting to your deck or patio that will provide maintenance free service for over a year with the Deck Marker Light


To provide area lighting for your deck, use the Motion Deck Light that will brighten when motion is detected.


Brighten dark spaces in cabinets or small closets with the In Cabinet Light that installs in seconds and automatically activates when the door is opened.  Just like in your refrigerator!