LED Battery Lighting Products

Xodus Innovations introduces its patented “Low Glow Technology” that provides accent lighting to mark the location of steps, posts, light switches, doorways, objects, or even your keys in the dark. 

Our lights will glow in the dark for up to a year on one set of batteries, reducing the frequency of battery changes.  No other products offer this level of battery life performance.


Battery Vigil Window Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1210
Economy window candle.

Candelabra LED Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1230, FPC1230ABZ, FPC1230P
Available in Aged Bronze, Antique Brass, & Pewter.

Candlescence Wax Pillar Candles

SKU/Item Number: WC1684, WC1685, WC1686
Flameless Candles featuring our innovative jumping flame technology.

Classic LED Taper Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1451, FPC1456, FPC1458
Patented design fits most any holder. Available in Ivory, Red, & Green.

Deck Marker Light

SKU/Item Number: BL600, BL630, BL670
Low glow lighting to mark step or walkway locations and provide long lasting accent lighting indoors or out.

Deluxe LED Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1225, FPC1225ABZ, FPC1225P
Deluxe window candle.

Deluxe Warm White LED Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1525A, FPC1525B, FPC1525P
Deluxe warm white window candle.

Economy LED Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1220, FPC1220ABZ, FPC1220P
Economy candle.

Flickering LED Votive Candle with Decorative Holder

SKU/Item Number: FPC1410
Realistic flickering votive candles.

Formal LED Taper Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1461, FPC1466, FPC1468
Patented design fits most any holder. Available in Ivory, Red, & Green.

Frosted Glass LED Votive Candle - Battery Power

SKU/Item Number: FPC1415
LED votive candle in a frosted glass

Glowing Key Fob

SKU/Item Number: BL300
Battery operated key fob glows in the dark and can brighten for use as a mini flashlight

In Cabinet Light

SKU/Item Number: BL200
Automatically light-up dark cabinet interiors when door is opened. New sensing technology instantly lights up your cabinets, just like your refrigerator. Simple peel and stick installation with magnetic mounting for easy battery replacement.

Mini Guide Light

SKU/Item Number: BL404
Battery operated night light glows in the dark and marks the way to stairs, hallways, light switches, circuit panels, and bathrooms.

Motion Deck Light

SKU/Item Number: BL705, BL735, BL775
Battery operated LED deck light provides accent lighting at night and floods the deck surface with light when motion is detected.

On-Off Touch Ornament

SKU/Item Number: 1225L, 1225LS
Controls your tree lights with one touch.

Rotating LED Candle Night Light

SKU/Item Number: FPC1255, FPC1255P
Plug-in Rotating Candle Night Lights.

Standard LED Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1215A, FPC1215B, FPC1215P
Standard candle.

Standard Warm White LED Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1520A, FPC1520B, FPC1520P
Standard warm white candle.

Warm White LED Candelabra

SKU/Item Number: FPC1530A, FPC1530B, FPC1530P
Warm white Candelabra candle.

Weatherproof Pillar Candle

SKU/Item Number: FPC1484, FPC1485, FPC1486, FPC1487, FPC1493
Weatherproof battery powered Pillar Candles and 3-Wick Pillar Candle.

Weatherproof Pulsing Ornament

SKU/Item Number: WP500, WP510, WP540E, WP550E, WP560, WP580
Battery powered LED outdoor decorative ornaments in traditional and electroplated finishes add a simple, colorful splash to any outdoor Holiday lighting display.